Jen Shyu is an internationally celebrated and groundbreaking educator in voice, composition, jazz, improvisation, multidisciplinary / intermedia arts, and ethnomusicology. She has taught workshops and lectured throughout the US and the world.* At the bottom of this page are some glowing reviews from students / participants from past workshops.

Jen customizes her workshops to the needs of the participants, whether they are advanced professional musicians, dancers, actors, university students, primary schoolers or high schoolers, parents with their children, or non-artists and non-musicians, or a mix of people with all various levels of musical or arts backgrounds.

Her most popular workshops are an "Intensive Ear and Rhythm Training" usually for advanced artists as well as her "You Are Everything: Intermedia Improvisation Workshop," which is usually for non-artists and audience members who want to tap into their creative sides, but is also transformative for advanced artists as well, and is often mixed with both artists and non-artists.

For musicians, these workshops give them new and valuable tools to approach improvisation, songwriting, composition, and/or research, covering all the tools one would need to create a multidisciplinary solo work, for example. The goals of this intermedia workshop are to encourage people to find freedom outside of their comfort zones and to bring people together from all different backgrounds and disciplines, inspiring everyone to fearlessly pursue their passions with the most personal, daring, and innovative approach.

Please contact Jen HERE if you'd like to invite her to lead a workshop or give a lecture / artist talk.









"Jen Shyu's Intermedia Improv Workshop was a "Space Odyssey" of artistic proportions: it took me well beyond my usual performance boundaries and thrust me into a new experiential world. At times uncomfortable and emotionally challenging, the workshop showed me a new path for improvisational performance I had never explored. Be warned: If you throw yourself fully into this workshop it may transform you. An outstanding experience!"- Barry R. Morse, Decatur, IL, USA

"Jen is an amazing musician with unique skills that not many people combine. Her precision to rhythmical aspects, respect of culture and heritage and also improvisation makes her workshop into a very special experience! I feel very challenged to develop my artistry and the exercises Jen introduced have impacted me." - Liselotte Östblom, Stockholm, Sweden

"You were unafraid to request more of us, and used the short time we had to really emigrate from our comfort zones. Also the energy you brought in coupled with that of the small group created an electric environment for trust and experimentation. I learned to trust my melodic instincts more, and that has strengthened me as a percussionist."- Brandon Shahede Bridges, Los Angeles

"I was most inspired by Jen's passion, dediation, discipline, practice, willingness to grow endlessly as an artist, which I could sense and feel in her teaching. There is a serious commitment needed if we want to master something, to walk our path, and Jen generously shared with me how she has been walking on her path, which has been continuously inspiring me, as I discover and walk my own path." –Seshen (Norway/Japan)

"An unique experience of participating in an event with strangers from different walks of life, a way to learn to be open-minded, to trust and to create." –Bell Yueh-Chin Liu,Washington, DC, USA

"The singer Jen Shyu is an extraordinary musician, complete, original and very prepared, it was a pleasure to participate in her workshops."- Giorgia S., Novara, Italy

"Best workshop I've ever done. I appreciated that Jen explains how she worked with cultures and how that influence her music. I like the exercises she made with intervals, solos and training. I think she used the time we spent together in a great way." - Anonymous

"Jen is an incredible musician and passionate teacher - her approach to teaching is always inclusive even when she proposes complex material to work on."- Anonymous

"I never met such a brilliant and inspiring musician, more than any other instrumentalist I met before. Her workshops are a mixture of very high skills and powerful creativity." - Alessia Obino, Bologna, Italy

"The method is simple yet challenging; we may use it as either a direct or an indirect tool in our composition or we can simply internalize it as a daily excercise. Highly recommended regardless your musical instrument." - Jay Afrisando

"Jen Shyu's workshop in Sydney inspired every musician there. She provided extremely useful exercises to improve my ears and rhythmic sense. Her workshop went beyond the technical into the realm of the creative. She used exercises that forced people out of there comfort zones and see musical improvisation from a new perspective." - Mary, Sydney, Australia

"Jen's workshops lay out her tools for improvisation and concept development in a really logical and organic way whilst being an incredibly inspiring and creative time. Her enthusiasm is infectious and musicianship is absolutely astounding." - Nathan Liow, Melbourne, Australia

"I learned a different perspective to approach improvisation and it was a fresh and unique way of allowing the self to take a chance outside tradition jazz expression. Very personable, and genuinely wants to help: Exciting self discoveries while in attendance! Thank you Jen Shyu, you are a phenomenal teacher and very gifted musician! Many thanks!!!" - Noël Wippler, NY, NY, USA

"Jen is a very special teacher and perfomer, dancer, singer. She really took my heart. She has so much to share with people, she knows a lot of things about music, song, dance, body and movement. So...the time spent with her is always too fast!!! ;) See you soon Jen!" - Zaira Zingone, Alghero, Italy

"I learned something new on rhythm and improvisation approach. It was really interesting and exciting!" - Gaia, Bologna, Italy

"It's a pure joy to see Jen perform. Her music and presence have a gut-punch emotional effect - regardless of language or medium, her art and talent transcends."- J.L., Chevy Chase, Maryland

*Jen has taught at such places as Banff International Jazz and Creative Music Workshop in Canada; Mannes School of Music in NYC, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Davis, CalArts, Mills College, UC Berkeley, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Illinois in Urbana, Rice University in the US; Sydney Conservatory and Monash University in Australia; Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (Art Institute of Indonesia in Yogyakarta) in Indonesia; Seoul Institute of the Arts, Yonsei University, Seoul University in Korea; villages in Timor-Leste and in collaboration with the women's cooperative Boneca de Atauro; and throughout Europe (Siena Jazz International Summer Workshop in Italy; Summer Session | JazzDanmark, Vallekilde, Denmark; Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt, Germany; Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Esbjerg, Denmark; Jazz Club Ferrara, Italy; AMR (Association pour l'encouragement de la musique improvisée) in Geneva, Switzerland; Conservatorium van Amsterdam in Holland, etc).

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